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Purchase, Sale and Refinance


Real estate is one of the most significant and costly investments made in a lifetime. Whether you are an individual homeowner, a business property owner, or a commercial tenant, you have rights and a financial interest invested in your property. At TEIXEIRA LAW OFFICE, we offer experienced and strategic advocacy,  focused on helping our clients protect their rights in real estate transactions.

Before entering into a real estate contract, it is important to have a clear understanding of your rights and obligations. As your legal representative, we will review, draft or modify any real estate contract on your behalf. It is important to remember that no broker, buyer, seller or lender will have your best interest in mind. Only an experienced lawyer can appropriately guide you through the legal process and protect your rights at the contract and transaction stage.


Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships

Separation & Divorce: We draft and review divorce settlement agreements for simple uncontested divorces, and can litigate those not-so-simple matters. We address issues involving property rights, spousal support, child access and support, and other related legal issues.  Clients are advised as to

what they can expect under the Child Support Guidelines in terms of their legal obligations, and the greatest of efforts is made towards reaching an agreeable and cost-efficient resolve.

Modifications: We recognize that previous arrangements for child custody, visitation, or child support may no longer suit your needs, and as such, we can assist clients with modifications of existing court orders.


Estate & Property Management

Estate planning seeks to answer the question: “What happens to my property when I die?” Wills and trusts are often used to help answer this question. A will directs how a person’s property is to be distributed after death. A trust is a form of property ownership that provides for the management, maintenance, and preservation of property by a “trustee.” Understanding how wills and trusts work is important to understand the implications of their validity or invalidity, as the case may be.  By preparing these documents clients are able to let their desires be known and name an agent to act on their behalf and carry out their desires if they are unable to do so.

Business Law

From concept through conclusion, our office can assist with Federal and Provincial Incorporations, Annual Resolutions & filings, and Articles of Dissolution.  Are you taking on a partner?  Then we should discuss the need for a Partnership or Shareholder's Agreement.  Purchasing a business or commercial property?  We can help with that too.

Incorporations, Annual Resolutions & Filings

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