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Falamos Português


We are proud to offer legal services in both English and Portuguese. Hiring a Portuguese-speaking lawyer means that you can easily communicate and understand the legal process without any language barriers. Clear communication is essential in reducing stress and ensuring that clients feel in control of their legal situation.

Procurações ("Proxy")

Procurações are powers of attorney that are recognized by the Government of Portugal. A power of attorney is a document that is signed in the presence of a notary and enables someone to act on your behalf. If you own property in Portugal, you can enable a trusted person to act on your behalf. Your procurações may be general or they can be designated to one specific task like signing property deeds. If you are looking to buy property in Portugal, a power of attorney when can be helpful for limiting the number of times you have to travel back and forth to sign documents during the proves.

We are registered with The Consulate General of Portugal in Toronto.

Translation Services

Offering translation of documents from Portuguese to English. These can be birth, marriage, and death certificates and ordinary documents. Translations may be necessary when inheriting property or registering documents such as birth or marriage.

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